Marketing Interviews Reviewed: Income Generation from a Membership Site

Marketing Interviews is a membership site that promises to offer not only continuous training to members, but residual income from promoting its services as well. It was created by Armand Morin, a well-known trainer, author, and internet marketer with a career that spans over 15 years.

With all my years in the industry this is probably one of the few times I’ve encountered such offering. Knowing Armand, however, I knew this was something that deserved looking into to see what type of successful venture he’s come up with this time.

Marketing Interviews

What Marketing Interviews is All About

Marketing Interviews is first and foremost a site where paying members can get access to various interviews conducted by Armand with some of the biggest names in the internet marketing industry. When an individual signs up, he or she is given access to a private page on the Marketing Interviews website which serves as the member’s area. This page also serves as a personal training center where one can access different interviews from different internet marketing gurus every month.

Aside from being a training site, Marketing Interviews also aims to provide income to members by allowing them to use their own private page as a membership site for their own business where the same materials and interviews can be accessed by customers. Once a customer signs up to Marketing Interviews, the member gets instant payment for the signup fee through PayPal. Aside from this, the member is also promised a $37 payment for each sale made on his or her behalf on a monthly basis.

Marketing Interviews

So say for example you sign up for Marketing Interviews and you promote it to your customers who also want to learn various techniques from marketing experts. Once a customer decides to sign up, he or she will be redirected to a payment page that is associated with your PayPal account. Once the payment is verified, you will be instantly credited the payment amount. On top of this, you will also receive $37 for each member you were able to refer to the site, and this is on a monthly basis.

How It Works

Signing up for Marketing Interviews is a very easy process. Based on my experience, I was able to sign up within minutes and was able to gain access to the private page as soon as the payment came through on their end. Now when you log in to the Marketing Interviews homepage you will be redirected to your own area where you can access the interviews that Armand has conducted with marketing experts, and this list will be updated every month to feature an altogether different interview from another internet marketing expert.

Marketing Interviews

I was impressed with the list featured on the site, and I must say that Armand did well in his interviews. For one, the interviews are conducted in a concise manner so there’s no fluff involved. After the preliminaries, Armand gets right down to business and asks the expert about his or her strategies and techniques and how these have worked for a certain type of business model. There are tips, secrets, and expert advice on how one can actually build an online business that makes hundreds of thousands of dollars a year with the right marketing strategies and approach.

One example of an interview that I liked was the one with Jim Edwards, a top-notch internet marketer and coach to small business entrepreneurs who teaches his students how to make use of various technology features to their advantage and create a successful company using different internet marketing tools.

Marketing Interviews

To make the long story – or in this case, the interview – short, Armand was able to get Jim to open up about the various techniques the personally uses for his marketing efforts. Believe it or not, these are the same tools that every one of us has though of using at one point or another in our marketing careers, only that for one reason or another we failed to properly utilize these to generate more profits for our campaigns.

What’s Good about Marketing Interviews

Well for starters, what I like about Armand’s creation is that it allows small business owners and rookie internet marketers to actually learn from experts who have been doing the same thing for decades. Not only that, it allows one to learn new strategies every month, so the learning process never ends.

Aside from this, veteran and rookie marketers can also earn an income while learning from the pros. You need only promote the site to those who are interested in learning various techniques to improve their craft, and you get paid for your efforts. We all know how difficult it is to start a campaign without the right tools, not to mention the effort that goes into each and every membership site that you need to produce if you want to gain leads and eventual sales.

Marketing Interviews

What’s Bad about Marketing Interviews

I only have one gripe about Marketing Interviews, and it does not involve the material you get access to. In my opinion, $797 is just too much for such type of membership even though you can get access to one-of-a-kind training programs online. However, with the amount of knowledge and expertise you can get to benefit from when you sign up, it makes the fee worth it – almost. What will really sell you is the chance to generate an income and get to keep 100% of it.


All in all, there’s no reason why I shouldn’t recommend Marketing Interviews to those who want to gain access to the world of internet marketing bigwigs. Although the price can somewhat throw you off think of it as an investment. An investment will not earn you money unless you shell out some of your own cash at first, so take the time to see what Armand has to offer and determine whether or not it’s what you need for your business.

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Fantasy Sports Leagues: Reviewing FanDuel and Its Offers

FanDuel is a sports fantasy website that allows players to create their own fantasy sports teams and win prizes based on a specified amount of deposits. Players can choose to play among the four major leagues – MLB, NBA, NHL, and NFL – and compete among other FanDuel members in various games for better payouts.

What makes FanDuel stand out among other fantasy sports pages is that games are started and concluded on a daily or weekly basis depending on which type of competition you join. Because of this, the site has gained a steady and impressive following over the years.


How It Works

There are three simple steps that one can follow when joining or creating a game in FanDuel. First, visitors are encouraged to join and sign up so they can access the main lobby where all the games are displayed. The sign up process is hassle free, as you won’t have to enter your credit card details before you can become a member of the site. Also, you will be asked to enter a bonus code so you can take advantage of bonuses on your deposits once you start playing. Once you provide the necessary information, you will be directed to the deposits page where you can choose to deposit money based on the choices of denominations provided.

You can also choose to play for free, which means you can skip the whole deposit process and just browse the site first to familiarize yourself with the content. This is exactly what I did when I first signed up for the site, especially since I didn’t have plans to join in any fantasy games just yet and I didn’t want to spend money for something I wouldn’t like later on.


Once the sign up process is done you will be directed to the main lobby where you can view all the active games created by other FanDuel members. On the right side, you will find filters which you can use to segregate the games of your choice. So say for example you only want to join the fantasy leagues in MLB, you can just filter out unrelated leagues and choose the types of contests you want to enter in.

There are quite a number of different competitions you can participate in. The most popular ones feature head to head matches, 5 and 10-player leagues, and even 50/50, 100, and 200 player leagues. This is quite a good thing in my opinion since you really have control over which leagues to compete in and which ones to bet on.

Creating a New Game and Joining Existing Leagues


At the top of the main lobby, you will also be given the option to create your own game, whether a league or a head to head. I chose to create a new league and proceeded to enter the necessary details. Now, when you create a league of your own you are given the chance to pay against anyone or against your friends as long as they are also FanDuel members. Creating a fantasy league is easy enough, as all that’s needed is for you to choose the league you want to compete in (in this case I chose MLB), the date and time of the most recent games available, the salary cap of your players, the size of the teams, entry fee, and the prize structure.

You actually get to choose the entry fee amount and how many winners can be awarded prizes. You can also give your created league a name of your choosing, and once done you are directed to the next page where you need to choose your players based on the salary cap and enter your team in the league. As long as the actual scheduled games on MLB haven’t started yet, you can go back and edit your team as often as you wish. Just make sure you don’t go over the salary cap. The same process applies to when you want to create a head to head game and join the existing leagues in the lobby, only that when you join a league, you go straight to selecting your players. Prizes can be redeemed as soon as the live games end.


Withdrawing Your Earnings

One good thing about FanDuel is that it offers Paypal transfers for awarded prizes. This means that players can collect their money as soon as they are credited without waiting for a check to arrive in the mail. However, players can also choose to have their winnings sent as checks, especially if the amount is over $250. You simply go the My Account Tab on the homepage, choose the withdraw option on the dropdown list, and enter your Paypal email when prompted. All withdrawal requests are processed within 48 hours, faster if it is the same Paypal account you used when you made a deposit.

Deposits and Final Thoughts

The deposits page is also enough to navigate, and you can choose from predetermined amounts or even request for a custom deposit if you wish to have more money on your account. Another excellent thing I’ve noticed is that you are actually given a bonus for every corresponding deposit you make. A $10 deposit will earn you a $5 bonus, and a $200 deposit will earn you a $30 bonus.

All in all, FanDuel is an excellent site to join if you want to have some fun and earn some money at the same time. If you are a sports lover and know your teams and players well, you certainly have the chance of earning big bucks from this fantasy sports league page. The best part is that everything is all legal, meaning you can compete for money without worrying about any legal repercussions. With its simple rules and excellent payouts, FanDuel is something I can recommend to anyone who wants to try his luck in fantasy sports and creating a league dynasty of his own. With a money back guarantee to sweeten the deal, there’s no reason you shouldn’t try it out even for just a couple of games.


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Bring the Spark Back With Endless Honeymoon

Endless Honeymoon offers a course that teaches how couples can rekindle the love and passion in their relationship. At first glance, I thought the website was all about relationship advice. After all, the tagline under the site name reads “Don’t Let Your Relationship Get Stale.”

After clicking on the links I discovered that the site is offering a concept that claims to bring the spark back in relationships. I decided to have a look at what the product had to offer and whether or not is worth recommending to my readers.

Endless Honeymoon

Introduction to Endless Honeymoon

The homepage is what is known as a fork page that makes the visitors feel they are flipping the pages of a choose-your-own-adventure book. There is a figure of a man and a woman that visitors can click on bringing them to the next page. I clicked on the woman icon and reached the page where a presentation can be played. The narrator in the video heads off talking about what Endless Honeymoon is, but not before a long discourse on the reasons why a relationship turns sour.

He mentions financial problems and weight gain as potential reasons, then he plants a seed of doubt in the viewer’s mind that the changes in their partner’s personality could mean that they are having an affair. As the narrator delivers his discourse images appear on the screen pretty much like a PowerPoint presentation. The oxytocin hormone is mentioned several times and this time I thought the product was a drug. However it soon became clear that the product is actually a course on how to naturally achieve elevated levels of oxytocin to keep couples in a bonding drive as opposed to a mating drive. Endless Honeymoon targets people who are in a deteriorating relationship with their life partners or spouses.

The course touts various scientific studies on the role of oxytocin in placing people in a loving state continuously, enabling couples to experience deep love for the duration of their married lives. The course will also teach its students how to bring back the passion and excitement to their relationships by increasing the levels of oxytocin in their body.

Endless Honeymoon

Endless Honeymoon: The Course

Anything that can possibly bring down the rate of failed marriages is always worth a look, which is why this program piqued my interest. It is basically a training program to help couples re-ignite their love and passion for each other by scientifically and naturally building up oxytocin levels in their bodies without the use of drugs. The developer suggests that the program will still work even if one partner is disinclined to try it so I thought I’d give it a shot. I was pleased to find that I can get a trial version of the entire course for only a dollar.

Downloading Endless Honeymoon was fast. The package includes a video course for couples that run for two and a half hours. It also has a set of videos for men that last three and a half hours and a set of audios for women called Zero to Hero that runs for three hours. There is a downloadable e-manual for couples as well. It promises to take couples in a journey of rediscovery brining the spark back into their marriage.

Endless Honeymoon

What I Learned

I started watching the video and it outlined the steps towards achieving an emotionally and physically satisfying relationship without the help of drugs or other gimmicks. The course only involves a few simple steps that couples can easily follow in order to put the spark back in their relationship. All in all, the package is comprised of a 17-video course and a course manual that can instantly be downloaded.

Endless Honeymoon

I learned that I can actually increase my oxytocin levels naturally. The course provided simple steps and easy exercises on how this can be done. The course also outlined the difference between the mating drive and the bonding drive, which every human being has within them. The mating drive is usually high at the start of the relationship and eventually tapers off as time goes by. The bonding drive, on the other hand, is what makes people stay long in a relationship, continuously having the same level of love and passion for their partner. A relationship where only the mating drive exists is doomed to fail. The bonding drive needs to be nurtured and the course teaches ways on I can maintain it.

The Endless Honeymoon course will train couples on how to cultivate their own individual bonding drive through the elevation of the body’s oxytocin levels. A significant portion of the course discussed several significant scientific findings linking oxytocin to romantic love and passion. There is also a substantial number of testimonials from couples who have taken the course and are now currently in satisfying relationships. As a course bonus, another video file is added which contains formal interviews with couples who have taken the course and have been successful in their efforts to improve their marriage or partnership.

Endless Honeymoon

After weeks on the recommended exercises and positive reinforcements, I did not really feel much change in me. However, that is probably because I was only doing this for the research as I am not really in a loveless relationship. So I thought I’d pass it on to my friend who has expressed a lot of grief over her marriage and her partner to see if she can get something out of the course. She came to me a couple of weeks later thanking me for finding the program and passing it on to her. Based on her experience, she was able to successfully work it out with her partner – all thanks to the Endless Honeymoon program.

The Challenges of Taking the Course

There are some limitations to this course that can undermine its effectiveness. For starters, the idea that a naturally occurring hormone in the body can actually cure an ailing relationship seems rather outrageous even to me, despite the many studies and scientific research on the hormone and its link to love and passion. Another thing that can go against this course is the attention span of the couples. Sitting down and watching a course through the computer for three hours or so can be an unappealing prospect. Even if both couples are quite enthusiastic about the idea, watching the course for hours is an entirely different thing.

Another challenge about taking this course is that it can only be obtained online and everything is on electronic files, no audio CDs, no DVDs and no handbooks. Couples would need a computer and an internet connection to download the files and that is assuming they actually know how to work a computer.

The Perks of Endless Honeymoon

That is not to say the program does not work though. In reality it does help couples bring back a renewed sense of companionship and passion for each other. Proof of this is my friend who is now experiencing bliss over the transformation that her marriage has undergone.

Also, the fact that scientific evidence has been given as to the potency of oxytocin lends credibility to the whole product, and I am sure that when there comes a time that I would need help with my own relationships I would definitely seek this program out.

The Cost

Endless Honeymoon developer Matt Cook offers a 60-day money back guarantee should the course fail to deliver on its promise. Unsatisfied customers need only send an email to him and they will get a full refund.

For the trial package that costs $1, an additional $96 will be billed to the user once they like what they see and how the program works. However, if they find that the course is no to their liking they can simply stop the 2nd payment. I felt that this was not a fair deal for Matt, because people can easily claim they didn’t like the course and so would stop payments altogether even after benefiting from the program. However, Matt claims that the $1 deal is a sign of confidence in his training course, and that customers will be satisfied with it to make the 2nd payment.

My Two Cents

The price of the package is a little steep for a set of electronic files regardless of its content, but if you are the type of person who have tried everything yet still couldn’t work it out with your partner then this is an ideal program for you. Endless Honeymoon also has a very lenient refund policy, allowing a 60-day 100% money back guarantee, so one can easily ask for a refund if the course is not to their liking. Endless Honeymoon is a new and novel way to rekindle the passion so to speak, and it is an interesting product that you should think of trying before saying no.

Would I recommend the product? Of course I would, especially since it has made a success story out of my friend. I’m pretty sure the program will also deliver results when it’s my time to need it.

Endless Honeymoon

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