check_green Are you tired of your online presence not bringing the flow of new customers you and your company needs to survive?
check_green  Are you feeling unsure, overwhelmed or discouraged trying to implement effective internet marketing that works?
check_green Are you finally ready to tap into the internet’s massive power to produce the steady stream of traffic and leads that your small business deserves?

If you answered “YES” to any of thse questions, keep reading because this may be the most important website you will visit this year.

Why Are Traffic and Leads So Important To Your Business?

Every profitable customer, client or patient starts somewhere.  It starts with a visit to your website.  If your website doesn’t immediately grab their attention and make them feel like “yes I’m here” and entice them to click a button to get more information, get on your list or someway engage with you, your website is a worthless electronic business card.  You know what happens to business cards right?  They get tossed in the trash.   That’s where comes in. Web traffic converts into leads. Leads convert into paying customers.  It’s that simple.

How Do You Generate Traffic and Leads?

Knowing that traffic and leads from the internet are important and knowing HOW to create those traffic and leads and two different things. There are virtually limitless amounts of resources and techniques available, enough to spin the head of even a seasoned veteran. The fact is, your focus needs to be keeping your customers happy, not wading through your online marketing options. With by your side, we take care of that for you, using proven tactics to generate a never ending cycle of new faces for your small business.

1. Have A Killer Website

Your website is the hub of all your online activity so it’s essential that it’s incredibly easy and straightforward.   High converting content, beautiful design and a clear “Call-To-Action” are all important parts that will get you results online.

3. Get Their Attention

Targeted landing pages are golden for increasing conversions. It’s important to siphon your website traffic to very specific landing pages, giving your visitors EXACTLY what they are looking for. attnetion

2. Generate Traffic

What good is a website without traffic? After you have an awesome website setup, you will want to utilize social media and search engine optimization to funnel huge amounts of traffic to your site.

4. Email Marketing

Email marketing is NOT dead…in fact it’s the powerhouse of generating leads online.  Make sure you get your visitor’s email address via a “one-click” irresistible offer.


5. Build a Relationship

Most website visitors aren’t ready to purchase. Therefore, its essential that you nurture your leads through a “know, like and trust” autopilot email sequence. This will ensure that when they are ready to spend, it will be with you. leads

Why should be your online growth partner

Hi, I’m Lindsey Anderson, the founder of  An online web-strategy expert should know all the facets of online marketing, including search-engine optimization, efficient use of pay-per-click, social-media marketing and website design and development. If they don’t have expertise in all of those areas, then they aren’t equipped to handle all of the needs you are going to have. I have a proven track record of success in each of these vital areas. For over a decade, I have run my successful web development company “Web Impakt.” In that time, I have used the web to not only grow my business, but help a countless number of clients. Along the way, I have built a high-octane team that knows how to successfully utilize internet marketing strategies to produce results for you.

Here are just a few of the organizations that my team and I have worked with changing how they do business on the web.

How Will Help You

Drive Traffic

Search engine optimization?  PPC?  Social Media?  With so many options and “buzz words” the online marketing world can be very overwhelming.  The good new is, KNOWS what strategy to implement for your small business, so you won’t have to crack the code on how to get the loads of traffic to your website.

Get Leads

Grab your visitors valuable contact information with a T&L Certified “Stop ‘em and Keep ‘em” Landing Page.  We work directly with you on how best to incentivize that traffic to become part of your community and receive emails from you.

Turn Leads Into Clients

After you have that all important email, will nurture your leads utilizing our certified “know, like and trust” autopilot email sequence to convert them into paying clients.

What Some Of Our Clients Are Saying…

“Very excited & beyond pleased with how many inquiries we have had for the school. This was just what I needed to get my business moving. Thank You!”
Kim, Little Castle Preschool
“We have already had people added to our list, a few phone call inquiries and someone sign up. I can’t wait to see what happens next.”
Brad, Family First Medical Center
“Things are going so well. Thank you for getting our name out there and helping us get more website traffic.”
Richard, Stoker Family Dental
“Lindsey, sales have increased and people are shopping! I have had so many compliments (and sales) from what you set up for me!”
Emma Baker, The Buzz Boutique

So, are you ready to accelerate the growth of your business?

If you are determined to generate more traffic and leads which will lead to more paying clients (which is something we all want),
we have three different programs for you to consider. We leave it up to you as to how fast and how far you want to grow.



Silver Builder

Gold Builder

Platinum Builder
Secure Killer Landing Page Domain tick_01 tick_01 tick_01
T&L ‘Stop em and Grab em’ Landing Page Design tick_01 tick_01 tick_01
T&L Irresistible Lead Capture Form tick_01 tick_01 tick_01
Load Your Irresistible Opt in Offer tick_01 tick_01 tick_01
Done-for-You Email Broadcast System Setup tick_01 tick_01 tick_01
Drip Marketing Follow-Up Email Sequence Setup  (Copy Provided By Client) tick_01 tick_01 tick_01
One Year Hosting for your T&L ‘Stop em and Grab em’ Landing Page tick_01 tick_01 tick_01
Set up ‘Results Tracking’ Through Google Analytics x tick_01 tick_01
T&L Keep ’em Engaged 12-step Trust Building Email Sequence

This important trust building sequence is written by our elite team of in-house copywriters.

x tick_01 tick_01
Create High Converting Irresistible Opt in Offer (2 special reports) x tick_01 tick_01
T&L Professionally Designed Report Covers x tick_01 tick_01
Irresistible Offer Images (social media traffic drivers) x tick_01 tick_01
Design a High Converting Pay-Per-Click Campaign

*Includes everything you need to power it up with your selected budget.

x x tick_01
Design Three Facebook Ad Sets and Set up Account

*Includes everything you need to power it up with your selected budget.

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T&L Search Engine Landing Page Optimization x x tick_01
Create a 90 Day T&L ‘Keep em Engaged’ Follow Up Email Sequence

This important trust building sequence is written by our elite team of in-house copywriters.

x x tick_01
T&L Social Media Traffic Booster x x tick_01
T&L Search Engine Optimization for Web Site x x tick_01
3 Group Training and Q&A Calls x x tick_01
Access to the VIP Traffic and Leads Facebook Group x x tick_01
Your Investment Today $497 $997


Includes our 90 day fast start program! Silver Package Gold Package

The Guarantee is dedicated to your business and list building growth.  We are dedicated to our customer’s success.  If for any reason you are unhappy with any service that you have received from please email me and I will personally make sure we exceed all of your expectations.

How to choose the best package for you

Still have questions? Simply call one of our Certified Experts and we will help you pick the correct package to fit you and your growing business.