Qigong Energy Boosting Program

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Mind and Body Renewal with Good Morning Good Evening Qigong

Qigong is a secret and ancient martial arts discipline that cultivates an endless amount of “Qi” or “Chi” – known to the Chinese as the body’s life force where energy emanates from.

With so many programs in the market using this type of discipline, the Good Morning and Good Evening Qigong program caught my attention. This renewal program comes with a six-step Energy Blueprint that promises to re-charge the mind and the body, turning back the clock and making one feel young and vibrant.


For some time now, we have been bombarded by marketing strategies that promote various types of methods to achieve a balance between body and mind to help us cope with what life has to offer. Some of the popular mind and body practices and exercises include yoga and Pilates. There are also cleansing diets, organic food, and other types of nutritional programs that encourage us to change our lifestyles if we wish to live longer.

I decided to write a review about the Qigong program to see if it was any better than the ones being marketed on the internet for two reasons. One, I’ve tried many similar programs in the past with mundane results at most, and two, I wanted to give readers the benefit of learning what the program is all about before they embark on their own program.

What the Program Entails

My curiosity was piqued when I read about the program in an article over the internet, so I went to the Good Morning and Good Evening Qigong site to learn more about it. The program is based on an ancient martial arts discipline that promises to rejuvenate the mind and body. It was developed and is being promoted by Tristan Truscott & Peter Ragnar – two avid practitioners who claim to have discovered the secrets of Qigong and are also the leading proponents of the "Qigong Energy Blueprint." The program itself aims to teach people how to tap into their “Qi”, or life energy. Having achieved this, the body will attract all that it desires including health, wisdom, strength, and prosperity. Each session lasts for 10 minutes and follows a blueprint to successfully reach and utilize the body’s Qi.


The program promises to help people discover techniques and practices to unlock the body’s unlimited energy reserve. This energy will then enable the person to accomplish more during the day and will give them the most restful slumber at night. It will also sharpen the mind and enhance intuition. If practiced regularly, it is said to enable its students to make the right decisions and go through life with the inner belief that they “just know” what is right for their mind and body. Tapping their Qi will become second nature, allowing them to operate on gut feel based on what their energy is telling them.

The Qigong Energy Boosting Program

The Good Morning Good Evening Qigong Program includes an 8-disc box set for the Qigong training which will last for four weeks. It also has a 6-Step Energy Blueprint Manuscript, an audio book, and the Qi Manual that contains transcripts and worksheets to help students follow along as they learn. I got instant online access to the quick start videos, the manuscript, and the audio book so I was able to begin my training right away while waiting for my hard copy package. There were also several nice bonuses I was able to take advantage of.

Qigong Energy Boosting Program

My Experience with Qigong

I’ve been practicing yoga for some time now so the Qigong discipline is not really that much of a stretch. I started my training the minute I downloaded the Quick Start program from the site. I figured this training can benefit people who are completely green on the subject of achieving mind and body balance. A lot of the training had to do with opening the Qi and allowing it to run freely through the body which I already knew, thanks to my yoga training.

I did learn an adequate amount of new information on how to accumulate energy and store it for future use, as well as how to tap into it at will. What I really enjoyed however is learning about the movements involved in Qigong and the 10-minute exercises in the morning and at night.

I also learned that for centuries now, millions have made a life transformation after understanding and applying Qigong in their lives. The movements are simple and will not cause any form of injury to the body. The program taught me all the specific techniques and their proper sequences. The training did run for four weeks and I now feel that my body has increased its capacity to handle energy. At the end of four weeks, I started my 10-minute Power Sessions. These sessions are done twice a day – one in the morning and one again at night prior to sleeping and in my opinion are better than spending hours and hours at the gym.

Qigong Energy Boosting Program

The Blueprint

Here’s what I found out about the 6-Step Energy Blueprint:

Step 1: Awakening the Chi – In ancient Chinese medicine, the body will be very vulnerable to stress, sickness, and emotional and mental imbalance if it is unable to let “Chi” flow freely. Negative emotions, body pain, and sickness are indicative of the blocked Chi that also imprisons the body’s energy. Once the Chi is awakened, the body’s energy will be available and stress will be relieved.

Step 2: Building the Chi – In movies, the power of a freely flowing Chi is depicted with the ability to bend spoons or move objects. This program will help students allow their Chi to flow freely through their body, thereby enhancing their vitality, health, and strength.

Step 3: Storing the Chi – The program has simplified the concept and practice of Qigong into a combination of uncomplicated breathing exercises, meditation and concentration, and simple martial arts postures and movements. It also teaches students how to store their Chi and charge their bodies with an abundance of energy.

Step 4: Cleansing the Chi – When you cleanse your Chi, you rid your body of harmful disease-causing toxins. What’s more, a clean Chi will remove stress and fatigue in only 10 minutes. Qigong will wash out all the negative energy in the body and mind to remove any negative feelings.

Step 5: Calming the Chi – Qigong teaches students how to achieve balance and the best form of relaxation. You will spend nights of pure unadulterated sleep and feel revitalized when you get up the following day.

Step 6: Accumulating Your Chi – This program teaches students how to gain more energy and achieve a higher level of balance in body and mind especially those who have gone through some tough times and are suffering from stress, pain, sickness, and fatigue.

Joining the Webinar

Prior to receiving my Qigong package, I took the webinar offered on the site. The webinar was free and presented the whole program in a classroom setting. I was given a brief overview of Qigong and was able to view testimonials from people who have achieved success through the program. The webinar also showed how the Qigong Energy Blueprint has helped people rise above crippling illnesses and excruciating pain, including those who are suffering from high blood pressure, panic attacks, arthritis, back pain, and even Multiple Sclerosis.

Qigong Energy Boosting Program

Is It Worth Your Precious Penny?

At $197, the Good Morning and Good Evening Qigong package seems a little steep, but the amount of knowledge to be gained from the program and the bonuses seem to compensate for the price. Those who decide to purchase the program from the website will also be getting additional items. These bonuses are in the form of e-books, DVDs, and audio CDs that include the e-book Top 20 Chinese Herbs for Energy, Stamina & Stress Relief, the Qigong Energy Manifestor Video featuring Tristan Truscott, the 6 Pre-Made Mind Movies DVD set, the DVD entitled Follow Your Passion, Find Your Power featuring celebrity life-coach Bob Doyle of the hit The Secret, and the Mastering the Law of Attraction DVD.

Qigong Energy Boosting Program

Final Word on Good Morning Good Night Qigong

Achieving mind and body balance is not a simple and easy task. Oftentimes, people would need to radically change their lifestyles in order to achieve this balance. A program like Good Morning and Good Evening Qigong can help in this approach to self-renewal. What’s good about the program is that it lays down the concepts in easy and understandable terms so it can be learned by almost everybody. The program does not involve extreme physical exertion or activity unlike the power workout programs one can find online. This means that people can actually stick with the Qigong program for a long period of time and eventually incorporate it into their lives.

All in all, I recommend the Good Morning Good Night Qigong Program to anyone who feels they need to take control of their life. The fact that it is based on a discipline that has been used for centuries now gives it credibility. To make the deal even sweeter, a 30-day money back guarantee is offered by Tristan and Peter, so you really have nothing to lose by trying out the program.

Qigong Energy Boosting Program

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