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Social Media Advertising

social media marketingEverybody knows about social media, but many business owners aren’t aware of how valuable it can be as a tool for your business. Social media has the power to reach the entire world, and for your business, that can mean having your name heard and recognized from the farthest reaches of the globe. In times before social media, business owners had to rely on printed advertisements in the newspaper, mail-in ads, or television and radio ads with limited reach. Social media gives you the power to reach people far and wide, but you have to know how to optimize your ads. We can help.

Our Social Media Advertising Campaigns Include:

Custom ads for your email database

If you have a list of leads and past customers, let us help design ads specifically intended for each of your audiences.

Ad monitoring and optimization

This will allow you to identify which ads are performing poorly versus which ads are generating traffic to your business.

Targeting your advertisements toward specific demographics

Knowing your potential customers is one of the most important factors of successful advertising. We can help you understand your audience and appeal to them based on several demographic criteria.

Retargeting ads to bring straying visitors back to your media pages

If you have visitors convert to using your business on the first try, that’s great, but it’s not likely to happen all of the time. We can help bring visitors back to your website for another look via retargeting tools.

Development of advertising strategies

We can help you develop an advertising strategy that you’re going to understand clearly. We involve you in the creation process and walk you through it step by step so that you’re constantly on the same page as your team. We keep you up to speed on your ads’ performances, and we will show you clear, concise reports.

Creating interesting and engaging ads

Our job is to create advertisements that people are going to want to look at. We’re experienced when it comes to what people want, what works to draw a crowd, and what potential customers are going to ignore.

Experienced social media managers to work on your behalf

Our social media managers work with you to help increase your traffic and decrease your costs. You will be working with a manager who understands the way your business works and is prepared to execute what works for you.