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Webinar Setup and Support

Are Webinars Right for Me?

If you’ve got knowledge that you’d like to share with your customers, conducting a webinar is an excellent way to reach a wide array of people at the same time. There are benefits to using webinar tools rather than trying to host in-person classes, especially if your customers are spread out across the country. People are more likely to attend an event from the comfort of their homes, especially people with busy lives. If your goal is to connect with and inform as many people as possible, webinars are probably your best bet. They keep your audience engaged when they watch you speak, more than could be expected by handing each person a stack of papers to read.

Our Webinar Set-up/Support

Because conducting a webinar isn’t easy, we can help you along every step of your set-up, as well as support when it comes to any difficulties that you’re having. We can help you determine which tools work best for your audience size, set up the ideal format for your intended purpose of the webinar, and much more.

  • We can organize your information for you, as well as help you present it to your audience in a concise manner.
  • We can instruct you on how to conduct a webinar efficiently, so that you can plan out your next sessions in an informed manner.
  • We’ll help you supplement your webinar with appropriate visuals to help drive your points home to your viewers.
  • Because practicing and testing your webinar is a great idea before the initial launch, we will run several practice viewings of your session to identify any issues that might come up so that they can be fixed before they’re ever a problem.
  • We can also help you publicize your webinar and grow your audience, so that you’ve gathered as much traffic as you can, and as many people are viewing your webinar as ideal for your platform.
  • We will provide support through any audio or visual problems that may arise and we’ll ensure that we get your webinar up and running again as quickly as possible.
  • We can also help you record your webinars in case you’d like to store them on your website for later viewings.