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Angela Greaser

“Lindsey is the REAL DEAL, people! She is not only an EXPERT at generating leads for your business, but she is an INCREDIBLY genuine and kind person to work with.”

Angela Greaser


“No words could thank you and your team enough!!! Thank you for making my dreams come true.”

Elle Miller, Living Mangaliso

Kelly Roach

“If you need help with Facebook ads Lindsey Anderson is who I recommend. She runs ads for us and nets a 50% conversion rate on landing pages and leads for less than $5. Trust me this is very very difficult to do on your own. (especially in the biz space)...

Kelly Roach, Kelly Roach Coaching


“Ever since I started working with Lindsey, I consistently get people calling and emailing me about Interview Connections because they find me on Google. I don’t know what Lindsey did for my SEO, but it’s working! Call her!”

Jessica Rhodes, Interview Connections

Jamie Samples

“I absolutely love Lindsey. She’s amazing and you can trust her and her team. They are also so great at communication which is sometimes hard to find with web developers.”

Jamie Samples


“I’ve chased after many online marketing gurus, and after spending $$$, I keep coming back to what Lindsey has always preached. This is why I enjoy Lindsey’s straight-up and deft approach, both on Facebook and in her podcasts.”

Tom Page


“We had 94 orders (crazy!) and a total of $2264 in sales… all for a Facebook ad spend of $544 at $5.61 conversions. I put all of this in the WIN column for sure! Thanks so much… Onward!”

Caesar Kalinowski

“Lindsey is amazing!! She provides valuable information that has helped me hone in on being a better business owner and be there for my customers overall. She goes above and beyond for her clients. I highly recommend hiring her for your digital marketing efforts.”

Glen Parmenter


“I needed some help setting up a Chat Bot with Manychat. Lindsey and her team were there to get it done. Quick, professional and helpful. Would definitely recommend.”

Kenneth Popkin

Andrew Grossman

“Lindsey’s insightful and patient approach to my plethora of website related roadblocks helped give me the tools I needed to finish building it. She’s also very nice, I couldn’t recommend her more.”

Andrew Grossman