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Traffic & Leads

If you have the ins and outs of running your business down, you may need help marketing and promoting your brand online. In this modern age, most businesses have an online outlet, or at least web pages so that word of mouth is not the only way to bring in business. We can help make your online presence become more noticeable, an excellent way to gain more traffic, revenue, and customer interaction.

Simple flyers and business cards don’t cut it anymore, what with all the competition from other professionals in the field. You need a crisp, specialized website and strategies developed to gain you the rankings you need and let your customers know what you’ve got to offer.

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About Our Services

SEO and PPC Services

If you have a website and you find that you’re not getting the traffic that you want, we can optimize your pages so that search engines are more likely to pick up on them. Through search engine optimization services, we can help you ensure that your website is on the right track to be noticed by people seeking out the services that you provide. Even in a difficult market, there are plenty of ways to get traffic directed to your site.

The world of online marketing can be a difficult canvas to navigate, and without the help of people in the know, you might spend more time and money than you have and get nowhere in the process. PPC, or pay-per-click, campaigns can supplement brilliant SEO strategies and help bring much needed traffic to your website. PPC helps when you’ve got very particular keywords that you’re trying to rank, lots of competition, or a new site that’s taking too much time to rank. Not only is it a quick way to pull quality traffic to your website, it’s cost-effective as well.


Sometimes, a customer looks through your website for services, but for some reason or another, they don’t make a decision at that moment. They could be browsing before a class and forget what they were looking for later. Retargeting is a way to remind the customer while they’re online that your website is still there and so is the service you’re providing. Retargeting appears as ads that the customer sees on their browser while exploring online. It’s a useful way to bring attention back to your website and your service even if your customer has temporarily become distracted.

Social Media and Facebook Advertising

Social media is a staple of our society. We use it to connect with the world around us—not just on a personal level, but on a business level. Utilizing social media campaigns for your business is an excellent way to get the word out and be noticed for your labors. With the help of social media advertising, you can bring traffic to your website and increase your revenue when people all over the world see your ads on their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more.

Mark Zuckerberg revolutionized social media with the creation of Facebook, and in doing so, a worldwide platform became a great tool for businesses of all kinds. The platform isn’t only for individuals to stay in touch with family and friends. Entrepreneurs like you can take advantage of Facebook’s reach to market your business to audiences everywhere with the use of ads and Facebook posts.

Content and Email Marketing

Content marketing is an excellent way to build a constant stream of Traffic & Leads. Websites that frequently produce original content draw people to them, especially if that content is interesting or useful to a targeted audience. As well as having fresh material added to your website on a regular basis, content needs to have optimized keywords and titles within. Content may include blog posts, news articles, instructional pieces, ebooks, videos, podcasts, and more.

Emailing newsletters and other stimulating content to your customers is another way to keep them interested in your business. You want to create emails that are eye-catching so that customers will want to read them rather than sending them to the junk folder. Special promotions and coupons are an excellent way to ensure that customers are going to read through the content you’ve sent them.

Opt-in Creation

How do you know if your customers want to be included in receiving newsletters, promotions, or contests from your business? Offer them a choice to opt-in. An opt-in option allows website visitors to choose whether they’d like to receive news and promotions about what’s going on with your business. If you have interesting content and frequent deals, they’re more likely to choose to opt-in and stay current with you.

Landing Page Creation

Landing pages have a specific objective, with no distracting options presented to drag your potential customer away. These pages are intended to suit one purpose, explain one piece of information, and gather contact information from your customer. Examples may include opt-ins for a newsletter, signing up for free ebooks, or becoming a member of a website by typing credentials into text boxes and setting up an account.

Webinar Setup and Support

Webinars are an excellent way to engage customers and present a good deal of information in a way that will really stick. Websites and landing pages are one thing, but if you’re teaching your customers about processes, services, or products, webinars are powerful tools. Think about in-person seminars in the age before the internet and apply this idea to a new way to share information in real time with people all over the world.

We offer setup assistance and overall support to host efficient webinars.

Website Design & Development

What is a website if it isn’t designed and developed properly? Rather than having a blank white page with standard text, your business needs a well-developed, user-friendly website to keep potential customers interested once they’ve landed on your homepage. It’s important to engage an audience with a clean, crisp website that’s easy to navigate and aesthetically pleasing. We can help you design something that fits the audience you’re looking to attract, as well as ensuring that links work, pages are displayed correctly, and visitors are able to find exactly what they’re looking for without having to hunt.

Website Support and Hosting

In order to have an efficient website, it needs to be hosted by a server. Aside from hosting a website, servers offer security, support, and bandwidth. You need a host to connect your website to the internet so that people can access it. Because running a website isn’t easy, website hosts can support you every step of the way so that the process is as simple as humanly possible.